The Amazing Circuit Bending Worm

Following a gruelling audition process, one solo worm was hand selected to perform its own music, without proviso, upon a specially adapted and destabilised FM synthesis circuit disembowelled from a Yamaha PSS-470. For one day, this worm was treated like royalty; whisked around London’s swankiest mud spas and hermaphrodite clubs, before spending an evening at the very best hotel (whatever it’s called, I dunno). Ah, what a star…

Posted to YouTube by ashfordaisyak. Thanks to PAgent of PAgent’s Progress for the link.

Das Kombinat Multimedia

This is the musicvideo of Das Kombinat to the title ‘Multimedia’ from the CD ‘Betriebssystem’. The real life footage was shot 1998 on Hi8 video, but the quality was so low that it couldnt be keyed in a good way so we stored and forgotten about it. In 2002 videosoftware made such advances that we tried a new application and imedantly bought a license because it saved our material. Keying is still poor but much better now. We combined the footage to 3D animations we created. The sound is complete rendered digital with the opensource csound back around 1996. The video was shown several times, for instance before Notstandskomitee concerts, but also included into the blue screen issue of the Berlin CDr artzine t.i.n.a.h. .

By far the coolest video I’ve watched all morning.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Video

Uploaded to YouTube by ConsolewarsBecks

I’m sort of a nut for anything zombie related.  Which is weird since I’m not really into violent/horror films.  However, I play a lot of video games.  Which, I guess, are loaded with the ultra violence.  

One of favorite franchises is Capcom’s Resident Evil series.  In particular, I love the Resident Evil 1 remake and Resident Evil 4.

The next title in the series, Umbrella Chronicles, mixes things up a bit, as it is going to be an on-rails shooter that utilizes the wiimote for placing the undead into your cross hairs.  More shooting, less adventure.  There is plenty of message board outcry over this new format.  However, I couldn’t be more pleased for a couple of reasons.  One, it’s nice to see older franchises taken into new territory.  Two,  Resident Evil 5 is in the works, so we’ll still be getting a true sequel.

If you’re interested, you should read’s initial hands-on impressions of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles.

Future Crew – Second Reality

Uploaded to YouTube by stormblast0891.

The PC demo “Second Reality” by Future Crew, one of the most well-known demos ever.

1st place at Assembly 1993.

Though today’s tech can easily render similar styled graphics without blinking an eye, Second Reality still holds up after all of these years thanks to Future Crew’s outstanding art direction and hypnotic soundtrack.

Not only is Future Crew responsible for the definitive demo, they also had their hands in developing one of the most historically important pieces of music software, Scream Tracker.

“Scream Tracker supports up to 100 8-bit samples, 32 channels, 100 patterns & 256 order positions. It can also handle up to nine FM-synthesis channels on sound cards using the popular OPL2/3/4 chipsets, and, unusually, can play digital and FM instruments at the same time.” – source @ wikipedia

To this day, it still boggles my mind that this demo ran in real-time on a 386. The music has secured a permanent spot on my ipod.