Slipmat Prototype & Processing

I experimenting combining the first Slipmat prototype (built with the Csound API) with Processing. Getting the two systems working together was fairly straight forward. Here’s the code that generated the video.

The following method from class Disc does two things when a disc collides with a border: change direction of the disc and trigger a slipmat event:

public void moveDisc() {
    x += xVelocity * SCALE_VELOCITY;
    y += yVelocity * SCALE_VELOCITY;

    if (x <= DISC_RADIUS || x >= width - 1 - DISC_RADIUS) {
        xVelocity *= -1;

    if (y <= DISC_RADIUS || y >= height - 1 - DISC_RADIUS) {
        yVelocity *= -1;

The method playNote() also belongs to class Disc, and is where the actual triggering of the Slipmat event occurs. The instances sp1 and sp2 are part of the Slipmat system. The “sp” is short for “sine percussion.”

public void playNote() {
    sp1.playNote(0.0, 0.35 * (1 - x / width), frequency);
    sp2.playNote(0.0, 0.35 * x / width, frequency);

CsMultitouch – Multitouch User Interfaces for Csound

This is a demonstration of the software i wrote for my MSc In Music Technology at DKIT under the supervision of Rory Walsh. The software is used to create custom multitouch user interfaces for controlling Csound Instruments. It allows users to define gui elements, such as sliders and buttons, in their csound file. The .csd file is parsed by CsMultitouch to retrieve this information. Said information is then used to create the multitouch interface using the PyMT framework.

I want this.


kindercrasher from Inigo Quilez on Vimeo.

This is my contribution to the realtime 4 kilobytes visuals (usually known as “4k intro”) competition for Inspire 2008 (held in Spain). It is a set of spheres with radious controlled by the Fourier Transform (without the “fast”) of the music. it contains some realtime ambient occlusion and depth of field. It’s done in C, using shaders (GLSL). Once again, it all fits in a 4 kilobytes executable (music, animation, rendering engine and effects).

Wicked awesome! Via Create Digital Motion.