Drum Sequencer Event Generator

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Issue #8

Getting lost within a list of instrument events is sometimes less desirable than being able to place events on a grid or lattice. This is especially true when working with rhythms. I’m a firm believer that the interface influences the compositional process. This is why I’ve begun development on dseq, an instrument that allows me to input drum patterns in a manner that is much more user-friendly.


  • Strings
  • Drums
  • Sequencer
  • Event Generators

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2 thoughts on “Drum Sequencer Event Generator

  1. I like your site. I’ve been messing with your code to learn new Csound stuff. I’ve been using Csound for 7 years, this is the first time of come across using strings as input data. I tend to use CMask (in a deterministic way) or write simple programs to generate scores for drum patterns.

    It occurred to me that it must be possible to write code that would input a string, and chop it up in the manner of a breakbeat cutter, either to output the strings or generate new drum patterns.

    I like the sound that your drums make.