Lisp Revelation

Algorithms are Thoughts, Chainsaws are Tools from Stephen Ramsay on Vimeo. recently posted this video. Though the focus is on Live Coding, what jumped out was this comment on the syntax of Lisp:

“Rule number 1. Everything is a list. Rule number 2. Some lists are functions in which the first item of the list is a function name and the remaining items are parameters. You have now learned the entire syntax of Lisp.”

This is a bit of a revelation to me. Too be honest, I’ve sort of avoided lisp for the most superficial of reasons; There are just to many parenthesis.

And now that my mind is open again, I’m going to take a serious look into Lisp and especially Impromptu. I’m not saying that I’m shifting from a Python-based environment to a Lisp-based system, only that I will continue to remain open to other possibilities.

One thought on “Lisp Revelation

  1. Jake, make sure to check out Clojure, it’s a very nice looking Lisp that runs in the JVM. ┬áThis is the variant that has gotten closest to convincing me to learn a Lisp dialect (if I had the time to spend on that sort of thing).