I’ve got mah Zelda Prii-order. Why don’t you?


Link, I just know you are going to rescue that princess.

Reserved my copy of Zelda for the Wii last night. I just happened to be there shortly after they started taking pre-orders for the game. Luck? Or because I call daily? You figure it out. (the correct answer is luck)

Rumor has it that people who reserve Wii games from gamestop will get a call the day they start taking pre-orders. However, the clerk which took my $5 deposit had heard nothing about it. Though she did seem to think the chain will start taking pre-orders for the Wii sometime in the next two weeks. She did bring up the dreaded “trade-in only” pre-orders as a possibility. By the way will guarantee that I never shop at gamestop again if this goes through. You don’t penalize your customers like that and get away with it.

* this post will self destruct when thumbuki goes live

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