Nintendo Selling out the Nose in Japan


“How high can you get?”

Thumbuki was originally conceived as a video game blog. The name itself is derived from Thumb, the primary gaming appendage, and Kabuki, a form of traditional Japanese theater. With that in mind…

Nintendo is kicking some serious ass in Japan right now (they must be all out of bubblegum.) I had not fully realized this until a few days ago while reading the console charts at The-MagicBox.

If you compare Nintendo hardware sales (DS Lite, GBASP, GBM, GC, DS, GBA) to the other consoles in the top 10 (PS2, PSP, 360, Xbox), you’ll see that Nintendo has sold 2.5x more units this year, most of which can be attributed to the insanely popular DS. The fact that Nintendo holds 6 of those top 10 slots is in itself an indicator of their enormous success. And the year is far from over.

Both Nintendo and Sony are releasing their new consoles in about a month. Though it is unclear which system will be more popular in the long run, Nintendo will have the edge coming out of the gate. The initial availability of the PS3 is going to be extremely limited, giving the Wii a distinct short-term advantage.