CalArts Halloween

Made it down to the Los Angeles area this weekend, where I attended this years CalArts Halloween Bash. Despite the party being a bit on the lame side, I did have a great time. Probably because I ran into an old friend, Johnny Chang, whom I hadn’t seen since graduating in 2002. We did a lot of catching up, and we’re already talking about collaborating on a new project.

I also got a chance to talk with CalArts Bob about the heightened state of security this year. Guards everywhere. Seems like the traditional loose nature of CalArts culture might finally be tightening up after all these years. These events used to be infamous for their outgoing hedonistic tone. So much so, that one year way back in the past, the town successfully stopped the Halloween party from happening. Well, a lot of good that did them. That spring, CalArts threw a new type of party, the Erotic Ball. CalArts now throws two parties a year.