Csound Inspired Art by Michael Orr

By Michael Orr
Artist’s Website

Here is Michael’s profile from his August Art Opening:

“Just a few years before Michael Ladd Orr was born, Alvin Toffler introduced the concept of “future shock”. The concept, and the book of the same name, proposed we were entering an age when the future was arriving “prematurely” – when one could stay in one place and the culture around him/her would change so rapidly that it would have the same disorienting effect as simply moving to a foreign culture – when the rate of technological advancement would increase exponentially until the average person simply wouldn’t be able to keep up. Orr’s work often hints at these notions, whether he intends this or not is up for discussion. His art studio and tools are completely mobile at all times so he can create on the spot and in the moment. He may post a newly created image on the web or drop it in the mail. There is no time to dictate meaning, only to reinterpret the numerous images and impressions as they go whizzing by. Consumerist culture’s infinite supply of marketing images collides with arbitrary hand-drawn patterns. Ordinarily warm and vibrant yellows and oranges become jarring against nonsensical shapes and random household items. There is the sense of an artist trying to inject a touch of restraint and familiarity into a machine that is insatiable and alien. Collage becomes collision, but all the while a childlike kind of wonder and playfulness seeks to burst through the surface. Orr, 35, was born and raised in and around Atlanta, where he continues to live, work, and ply his craft.”

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