Workbench (in progress)

I’ve been itching to build a workshop/hacker space for some time. I finally have the tools, the materials and space in my garage. First order of business, build a workbench. I could easily purchase a workbench, but part of the fun of having a workshop is being able to build things with my own two hands. (it’s also cheaper)

I studied various plans on the web, including a design by Bre Pettis. I’m using his design as as starting point for mine.

I’m making a few changes, to better match my needs and the space. For example, since I’m working in a garage as opposed to a NYC apartment, I have the luxury of extending the depth by 6″, or more. Tinkering with the design is proving to be just as much fun as any thing. It’s also giving me the opportunity to learn SketchUp, which is proving to be a valuable asset to my toolkit.

Here’s what the design looks like in its current form:

Once it’s done, I’m firing up my soldering iron busting out the Forrest Mims books on electronics.

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