The Slipcue

The Slipcue (@) is the object responsible for the fourth dimension of a Slipmat program: time.

The name is derived from the term Slip-cueing, which Wikipedia defines as, “a turntable-based DJ technique that consists of holding a record still while the platter rotates underneath the slipmat and releasing it at the right moment.”

The Slipcue is formally known as the @ scheduler. There are various reasons for the name change. I’ve only shown the Slipcue as a simple mechanism for scheduling tasks, though it controls so much more:

  • Syncing other Slipmat processes, ticks, threads and shreds
  • Starting, Stoping, Pausing, fast forwarding, rewinding
  • The Master Clock (or Mistress Clock)
  • Task Management
  • Units of Time
  • Tempo
  • etc

Plus, “the Slipcue” rolls off the tongue rather well.

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