Milky Tracker

Milky Tracker

Back in mid-90’s, I was sysop of Digital Dissonance BBS, along with my co-sysops Eric of and Justin of They did most of the work. :)

Digital Dissonance was a community where musicians in the 209/559 area code would come and share music. And I don’t mean trading commercial tracks, but music they had composed or remixed themselves.

Minus a few midi tracks, the music was written almost exclusively with trackers. The tracker of choice being Triton‘s Fast Tracker II.

Via a twitter comment from Eric, I recently discovered Milky Tracker, a tracker that is heavily inspired by Fast Tracker II, if not a modern clone. Having spent a fair amount of time with it over the weekend, I can personally authenticate that Milky Tracker offers a genuine Fast Tracker II experience. While using it, I felt like I was back on my 386 in my high school bedroom.

I’ve kept most, if not all the mods from Digital Dissonance. At some point, I’ll have to put them up on the interwebs. Until then, here’s a track I wrote 13 years, called Clu.

Coffee Bad


Thppppppt!” -Bill the Cat

Many weeks ago, I purchased 3 lbs of whole bean Dunkin Donuts coffee off the internet. Used the last bit of it up yesterday and pulled out our grocery store bought reserve bag. Yuck! This stuff tastes gawd aweful. I now understand why people put creamer and and sugar into their coffee. That’s a game I’d rather not play.

So on the advice of glitch p-udding, of, it’s time to invest into a coffee bean roaster. I decided on the Fresh Roast Plus 8. The unit costs $82 and comes with 4 lbs of assorted green coffee beans. Not bad,c onsidering that 4 lbs. of dunkin donuts coffee costs me $40 with shipping.

I buy the gourmet expensive stuff ’cause when I drink it, I wanna taste it.” – Quentin Tarantino, Pulp Fiction