Art of the Game @ NYCResistor

DaVinci's Laster Tag Era

I’ve recently collaborated with Justin Day on a project called “Cobosoda Arcade”, a physics simulation video game in which players design, race and evolve 2-D stick-figure robot automatons. And we are presenting the piece this saturday night at the Art of the Game show / party at NYCResistor.

Cobosoda Arcade

When: July 26th 2008. 9PM
Where: NYCResistor (397 Bridge Street, 5th floor)
What: Party and Art Show!
How Much: $20 cover. (open bar)
Why: Fundraiser to keep us going!

Visit for details. Hope to see you there!

Poor Little Robot

Poor Little Robot” is a piece of music orchestrated for Banjo and Csound Theremin. And I absolutely love it!!

Composer Joseph Sanger wrote the following description to the Csound mailing list:

I have just posted an mp3 on my myspace site which uses Csound in a small way and wanted to share it. It’s not particularly highbrow but you might find it amusing, it’s a rather poignant duet for Banjo and Theremin. I modelled the theremin in Csound (not complicated) and played it with a MIDI keyboard, recording it live into Ardour via Jack, so no Csound score exists.