Beginning Csound @ NYC Resistor

Beginning Csound

Beginning Csound
July 28, 2008 @ NYC Resistor
1 Session, 3 hours, with personalized post-session project with instructor via email.
Cost $75

Csound is the most powerful computer music language in the world, with a direct lineage to Max Mathews’ original Music-N languages. The focus of this class will be a synthesis of three topics: The Csound language, synthesizer theory, and composing weird alien music.

Together, we will demystify the assembly-like syntax of the Csound language. We will cover the fundamentals of synthesizer theory, including: oscillators, filters, envelopes, amplifiers and modulation. Finally, we’ll tie it all together by composing sounds in the vein of classic Sci-Fi movies.

Taught by Jacob Joaquin (that’s me.) Click here to enroll.

Modular Instruments Part II

The Csound Blog
Issue #10

In the previous blog, “Modular Instruments“, I presented an instrument design model that takes advantage of Csound’s modular nature by breaking the common instrument structure apart into three elements: Synth Engine, Memory and Interface. (SEMI)

In todays blog, I create a new synth named MonoSynth based on the original SEMI Simple synth by replacing the zak memory with a memory core based on the chn opcodes, extending functionality of the engine, introducing modulation parameters, and by incorporating a method that links instances of instruments into an audio chain from within the score.


  • Modular Design
  • chn
  • Memory
  • Signal Routing
  • Modulation Instruments

More at The Csound Blog. For more information about Csound, please visit

“From One Single Acoustic Guitar Note”

Tony Miracle, of Venus Hum, explores a technique he used in making the bands new release “The Colors In The Wheel”

Tony takes a simple acoustic guitar note and through manipulation and modulation builds an entire electronic composition in an unrehearsed 15 min improv captured on film.

Gear Used In The Short

G4 Powerbook
Oxygen 8 USB Keyboard
Doepfer Regelwerk Midi Fader / Controlor
Taylor Acoustic Guitar
Ableton Live