I’m back, ahhhh yeaaaah!

I’ve found myself busy with a few additional projects that have been eating my time, thus no blogging. I have no issues about pushing this blog aside for weeks, or perhaps months at a time. However, I do feel it is time to re-commit myself to this place. I love doing it. Perhaps I just bit off too much for those first couple of months. I was so wrapped up in the fantasy of having the world’s most popular blog, that I over did it and burnt out. Now that’s out of my system, I’m much more comfortable taking my time and writing what I should be writing about: all the weird shit that goes through my head.

While I was MIA, I rediscovered both Perl and Csound. Also wrote part one of a two part article for the Csound Journal titled “Perl and Csound.” It’ll be out, soon. I’ve already started part two, and having a wonderful time writing it. Part one is more or less a primer, part two is where the magic happens. The one concern I have is that I’m going to find it difficult to narrow my examples down while still covering a massive amount of useful info. The best part of this hole experience is that I’m learning so much writing this. My thought processes have completely switched into Csound mode, and my mind is open to new possibilities. So I guess this is what enlightenment feels like. I’d best bottle it up before my feet touch the ground.