Recognizer v2

Space Paranoids
TRON is my favorite movie of all time. I’ve been toying with recreating some of the classic sounds from the film on my analog synth. Though I really want to get some of these things happening in the digital domain. So this is my first Csound attempt at the recognizer.

Download: recognizer_v2.csd

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The first version of my recognizer was done on my analog modular synth. Truth be told, I can get a much better sound out of my modular than Csound. Though my Csound one is coming along. I think the secret lies in the filters, so I’ll have to do many more trial and errors before I get it sounding right.

According to wikia, the original recognizer sound was realized on a Prophet-5 synthesizer by sound designer Frank Serafine; He modified the “helicopter” preset.

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