Personal Log Stardate 60278.1

Csound Instr

I’ve recently started the painstaking process of compiling all of my compositions into one cohesive online portfolio. Already, I’ve discovered I’ve lost some older works. Oops! The butterflies are nibbling at my stomach as I type. My hope is that some of the people I’ve collaborated with in the past have copies. There is always the possibility that one or two pieces exist in an archive at CalArts. But I’m going to have to face the reality that some of my works are forever lost…

The blunt of the project should take me about two weeks. After which, I will slowly add to the collection. I have a few papers and tutorials I’ve written I will eventually include, though the priority for now is the music. I want to note that I’m re-releasing most of these works under a Creative Commons license. I subscribe to the philosophy that putting too many restraints on art can kill the art. Creative Commons allows me to free my music so that it might someday find an audience, and hopefully inspire derivative works.

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