NYU Software Synthesis + The Csound Blog

Jean-Luc Cohen-Sinclair, adjunct faculty of music at NYU Steinhardt’s School of Culture, Education and Human Development and Jacob Joaquin, creator of the Csound Blog, are collaborating to design a unique computer music course with an online counterpart that will accentuate in-class lectures, discussions and demonstrations. The duo will focus on classic computer music techniques both in terms of synthesis and composition, but will also cover some of the more recent techniques and development in the field.

Web communities are a fact of life in today’s connected world of real-time communications. Bringing Csound into this context, students will learn that it is far more than an application for audio synthesis, and that it is part of a living-breathing culture with a rich and colorful history that exists without regional borders.

We invite the international Csound and computer music communities to actively participate this semester to help educate and promote our shared computer music roots.

Starting Monday at The Csound Blog.

Synthesis Fall 2010

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