6 thoughts on “Music IV Block Diagram and Computer Code

  1. I was wondering if it is possible to run MUSIC V or other members of the MUSIC-N-family on modern systems (Win or Linux). Is there any place to download pre-Csound versions, or any way to emulate them?

    • Yes. A copy of MUSIC V comes with The Audio Programming Book on the included CD-ROM. I transcribed some of the original code from The Technology of Computer music (which I believe is also on the CD-ROM) which I was able to run with MUSIC V.

      I’m not sure where else you can grab a copy of MUSIC V, but someone on the Csound Mailing list might know.

      • That said, I believe the opcodes present in MUSIC V and possibly MUSIC IV are nearly identical in Csound. So it should be quite possible to recreate these instruments with minimal changes.

        • I’ve actually managed to get an copy of MUSIC V, wich runs on my laptop.

          Unfortunately I am lacking information on how exactly the MUSIC V language works. I am going to study the MUSIC IV manual (thanks for this one, by the way!), I quess there are many similarities between both languages.

          Do you maybe also have a manual for MUSIC V?

          • I do have a manual, but only in hard copy. Quickly looking at the syntax of MUSIC IV, which I read for the first time last night, the two languages are very similar though not identical.

            I have three posts about MUSIC V on this blog. Unfortunately, the formatting of the code is outdated, but these might still be of some use. Plus, the accompanying Csound code contains some of the original entries from The Technology of Computer Music.