Frequency Modulation

Modulation works. Barely. I modified the Sine class to accept objects of type UGen as input. Though I think it might be possible to modify class UGen so that all child classes automatically support modulation by default. That’s probably my next step.

Since only the Sine class supports modulation, what better way to test it than to generate some classic FM tones. I created @Instr SimpleFM, which is just that, a simple FM instrument with one modulator oscillator being fed into a carrier oscillator. Here’s the file: And here’s the code:

from slipmat import *

def SimpleFM(dur, amp, pch, env, index=1, ratio=1):
    freq = cpspch(pch)                            # Convert pch to Hz
    env_1 = RiseFall(dur, env) * UVal(index)      # Index envelope
    env_2 = RiseFall(dur, 0) * UVal(amp)          # Amplitude envelope
    m = Sine(env_1, freq * ratio)                 # Modulator
    c = Sine(env_2, UVal(freq) + UVal(freq) * m)  # Carrier

s = ScoreEvents()
s.event(0, 2, SimpleFM(2, 0.5, 8.03, 0.125, 4))
s.event(2, 2, SimpleFM(2, 0.5, 8.07, 0.5, 16, 2))
s.event(4, 4, SimpleFM(4, 0.3, 7.00, 0.125, 16, 3))
s.event(4, 2, SimpleFM(4, 0.3, 8.05, 0.5, 4))
s.event(6, 2, SimpleFM(2, 0.3, 8.03, 0.5, 4))
ScoreEventsToWave(s, "./fm.wav")

Listen at SoundCloud

Clearly, this audio example is no Stria.

14 thoughts on “Frequency Modulation

  1. Hi Jacob,
    I’m slowly catching up to your thoughts… although I haven’t read through all your more recent entries, I wanted to ask you if you know these two projects I found recently:
    Also, if you have a look at this:
    at time 17:50, you will see some of the things I am adding to QuteCsound to make it a live python performance system, which I think could integrate Slipmat wonderfully…

  2. I’m actually a bit behind on posting my thoughts here. And I’m gearing up to rewrite all the classes to use vectors instead of Python generators. This first step was to get a sense of how malleable Python is as a language.

    I’ve played with ounk a bit. It’s quite nice. I’ve read up on nsound, though I haven’t played with, yet. It’s on my list of things to do, and will do so once I jump into the C/C++ side of things.

    I tried watching the video, but it keeps hanging start at 4 seconds in. I’ll try again soon. I’m very curious to what you have planned for QuteCsound.

  3. Maybe it’s a Theora issue? It’s working well on firefox on OS X.
    It will surely work on something like VLC.

  4. Jacob, I like so much your blogs! Congrats!
    I’m sneaking around slipmat source, it’s so interesting. Just a small fix to file to install correctly:
    from setuptools import setup
    I’m getting in contact with csound (I’ve did all my work on PD), and after your post about Lisp, I want to talk more with you about the power of both tools. I dream with a opensourced Impromptu.
    Please, let’s keep the talk.
    All the best.

  5. @Vilson Vieira: Thanks! Feel free to send me an email, or we can find a place to talk publicly, so others might join in.  Maybe I’ll just post an open discussion thread here. My email is
    I have a few things I want to talk about here on Slipmat. I’ve been working with the Csoundi API and Processing as of late, and I’m learning quite a bit that warrants some discussion here.
    And I definitely want to here everything you’ve been working on. There is so much I don’t know, and I’m always trying to fill me head with new ideas.


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