Fragments of a Bohlen-Pierce Composition (Pt 8)

Since discovering my opening statement, I’ve been itching to place it within a musical context. I developed a rough outline of what the first minute of the piece may sound like, ending with a possible transition into the second part of the composition.

Download: fragments_8.csd

There is a lot of space in there, which will give me a lot of head room when I go back to this section to flesh it out and polish it up. Especially with spatial elements, like panning, reverbs and echos.

I need to bring up something else. Turns out that the chn opcodes are broken on some platforms, which is preventing people from not being able to render these csd files. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to go back and convert my effects routing to zak or similar system. So in the mean time, if you aren’t on OS X, you won’t be able render the csds. However, I’m told that the bug has been fixed in CVS, so these files should work in the next release of Csound. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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