Early Java Slipmat Prototype

Slipmat has been a pet project of mine for a few years now. The first working prototype was realized in Java. The code for this is up at sourceforge.

Originally, the idea was for slipmat to be a java interface layer that sits on top of Csound. Hence the slipmat metaphor. At one point, it became much too unwieldily and I had abandoned it. Until later when I picked up Python, and decided to give it another go. Python made things much easier all the way around, but I eventually abandoned that too, for reasons I’ll go into later.

Here is an excerpt from one of the original Java prototype examples:

public ControllerExample() {
    /* Create empty SynthRack */
    SynthRack synthRack = new SynthRack(false);
    /* Create modules */
    LinearSlide linearSlider = new LinearSlide();
    SynthBass bass = new SynthBass();
    Output output = new Output();

    /* Add modules to the SynthRack */

    /* Patch the SynthBass to the Output */

    /* Create a sequence */
    linearSlider.slide(1.0, 0.05, 2.0, bass.getOscillator1Detune());
    linearSlider.slide(1.125, 0.05, 1.5, bass.getOscillator1Detune());
    bass.playNote(0.0, 8.0, 0.5, 100);
    bass.playNote(2.5, 6.0, 0.25, 200);

    /* Set duration and press play */
    synthRack.setDuration((double) SCORE_DURATION);

The full code can be seen here. Once I get things sorted out at sourceforge, I’ll post the Python package there as well.

5 thoughts on “Early Java Slipmat Prototype

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