Csoundo 0.1.2 ALPHA release

I’ve just uploaded the next Csoundo release, which provides better examples, documentation and stability.

Download: csoundo-0.1.2.zip

Eight examples are included in this new release that demonstrate: a simple slider GUI, creating score events, channel busses, reading and writing to f-tables, generating graphs from tables, syncing audio with animation and playing a Csound composition.

The README.txt has been upgraded to include better install instructions for Linux, OS X and Windows.

This release should work on a few more computers, as audio now outputs to the default DAC, where as before, it would sometimes try to render to a file on some computers. Users can also now set the Csound command-line options with the cs.setOptions() method.

A few things have been cleaned under the hood, which should provide better stability.

If you have any bugs, comments or examples, my email is jacobjoaquin@gmail.com. Let me know how things go.

4 thoughts on “Csoundo 0.1.2 ALPHA release

  1. Followed your README.txt yet fails to run:

    import csoundo.*;

    Csoundo cs;

    void setup()
    cs = new Csoundo(this, “random.csd”);

    => csoundo 0.1.2 by Jacob Joaquin http://csoundblog.com
    => processing.app.debug.RunnerException: ClassNotFoundException: csnd.Csound

  2. Scrap my previous comment. I had misinterpreted the information in your README file. Now works… beautifully. Thanks a lot for this lib.


  3. @Alex – Which version did you try to run? I just noticed the latest version (csoundo-0.1.2.double.zip) accidentally shipped without the csoundo.jar file. I just finished uploading a fixed package.


    If you were trying to use csoundo-0.1.2.zip, then it looks like it isn’t seeing the csnd.jar file. Have you copied csnd.jar into the same folder as csoundo.jar? I ask because I can replicate your error message by running it without csnd.jar in mysketchbook/libraries/csoundo/library/.

    csnd.jar ships with Csound. Which version of Csound are using? On which operating system?

  4. Excellent to hear! If something wasn’t clear in the README, let me know, and I’ll improve it in the next release. And if you do anything cool with it, please share!