Csound Tables to SVG with Processing

I just discovered that I can easily export tables from Csound to a scalable vector graphic (SVG) format thanks to Processing. I’m really excited about this since I’ll be able to generate nice looking graphs in the future, both for this blog and for The Csound Journal. This all comes from work I’m doing in my spare time; I’m exploring the idea of creating a proper Csound library to use with Processing.

The picture above showcases two tables generated using two different methods. The top wave simply draws the contours of a table storing a band-limited sawtooth wave. The bottom displays discrete points in a table storing randomly generated noise. Nothing too fancy, yet, but the possibilities are there.

5 thoughts on “Csound Tables to SVG with Processing

  1. Wow, what a terrific idea! Love it. Sharing code soon? (Actually need to double-check that all our syntax highlighting is working correctly here…)

  2. @Prent Rodgers: I did not know that. I gave it a try, and it does output an eps file on OS X, which I can then open in Illustrator. Though it’s only generating the first table. Even then, what a convenient way for generating hi-resolution graphs, even if one has to generate one graph at a time.

    Thanks for the tip!