Announcing Csoundo

I’m happy to announce the first ALPHA release of Csoundo, a Csound library for Processing.

Download Csoundo

Csoundo is in very early development, but like they say, release early and often. Csoundo has only been tested on OS X Leopard and Snow Leopard. It comes with three examples: A mouse theremin, f-table-to-graph and a visualization experiment. Video of the last example can be seen here.

A special thanks to everyone in the Csound community who has been helping me figure out the Csound API, making Csoundo a reality.

update: I’m getting some initial bug reports. Which is expected. I’m on it!

update 2: Reports of Csoundo working on Windows, while others are working to get it up and running on Linux.

3 thoughts on “Announcing Csoundo

  1. Fantastic! Congrats, Jacob! Happy to test on Windows and Linux (well, and Mac). PS, I need to look into why we’ve utterly confused comment cookies with your custom domain…

  2. @Peter Kirn: Thanks! And thanks for the cdmblogs tweet! I’m looking forward to hearing from people whether it works or not. This first release is clunky, but any feedback I get will certainly help the next release.

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