About the Software Synthesis Online Counterpart

The basic idea is that material covered in-class will be mirrored online. For example, videos, papers, tutorials and instruments will be posted to this blog. One of the roles of The Csound Blog in this collaboration is to augment weekly topics with related materials not covered in class to provide a counter perspective.

Doing this will accomplish a few things. By broadening the scope of the presented materials, students will be able to personalize their education in a manner that will have a quantifiable effect in their music and instrument designs. Though The Csound Blog is no substitute for in-class lectures, discussions and demos, placing the content online will provide a path for others to learn Csound, whether they participate in real-time or read this at some later date.

Most importantly, this will act as a gateway for students to step outside of the realm of academia and involve themselves with a living computer music community. Participating online is now part of our connected world; Take advantage.

For those in Jean-Luc’s class. The best Csound resource is the Csound community, so I highly recommend you all to join the Csound mailing list. Even though I have nearly 15 years of Csound experience, I often rely on the expert advice of other Csounders. Never be afraid to ask questions.

Synthesis Fall 2010

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