140 Characters

Inspired by the article Hear Free Generative Music, in Archaic Twitter Haiku, made with SuperCollider at CDM, as well as this Csound Mailing List thread, I had to give 140 characters or less a try.

Listen: 140.mp3
Download: 140.csd

In order to make it work in 140 characters or less, I had to cheat. The minimum size for a CSD file in Csound is 109 characters long. So I only count characters that are embedded in the orchestra and the score. It also didn’t tweet very well. :)

Here’s what the code looks like, or least how it would look if the tweet didn’t chew it up:

instr 1
a2 expon 1,p3,.0001
a1 oscils 8000,88*(p4%9+5),1
out a1*a2
if p2<60 then
event_i "i",1,rnd(.6)+.1,4,p4+rnd(2)
i 1 0 1 8

To all of the artists involved with sc140, superb job!

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